Comprehensive Cyber Insurance Coverage

Cyber Insurance is a form of insurance for businesses and individuals against internet-based risks. The most common risk that is insured against is data breaches. Cyber insurance typically includes indemnification from lawsuits related to data breaches, such as errors and omissions. It also covers losses from network security breaches, theft of intellectual property and loss of privacy.

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Cyber Insurance Solutions

Admitted Markets      A+ XV Markets OR BETTER      Prior Acts Options      Defense Outside the Limits Options

3rd Party Liability

1st Party Liability

Cyber / Privacy Liability

Media Liability

Regulatory Defense

Regulatory Fines

PCI Fines / Penalties

PCI Assessments

Management Liability

Contractual Liability

Defense Outside the Limits

IT Forensics

Crisis Media Relations

Notification Costs

Credit Monitoring Costs

Breach Remediation Costs

Cyber Business Interruption

Dependent Business Interruption

System Failure

Business Interruption Waiting Period


Cyber Extortion / Ransomware

Digital Asset Damage

Cyber Crime (Involuntary Parting of Funds)

Social Engineering (Voluntary Parting of Funds)

Client Phishing Fraud / Push Payment Fraud

Telephone Hacking

Reputational Harm

1st Party Costs Outside the Limits



Our Cyber IQ Comparative Rate Portal allows users to instantly compare multiple quotes from multiple carriers, while our flexible Cyber Liability Insurance program offers broad coverage designed to cover privacy, data, and network exposures. Partner with Commodore Insurance to learn how we’re streamlining Cyber Liability Insurance across the industry.

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